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BOMBER – Hard Rocker veröffentlichen ‘Zarathustra‘ Video

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Die schwedische Hard Rock Kombo BOMBER kündigt ihr Old School Album „Nocturnal Creatures“ an und verbindet dieses mit dem Video zu ‘Zarathustra‘. Die Band verspricht aber nicht nur Hooks, gute Laune und catchy Riffs, sondern haben sich sogar mit Nietzsche beschäftigt:

 “’Zarathustra‘ serves as a mission statement for the band…’Here we are, get out of our way’…
We wanted to write a great album opener and we really think we found it all in ‚Zarathustra‘. It’s a track filled with loud guitars, big drums and a mighty anthemic chorus. The song is all about rising to the occasion and elevating yourself to something larger than life.
Being written as the opening track for the album Nocturnal Creatures, ‚Zarathustra‘ is the start of our journey into the night, to a place where you will find something beautiful, dark, and heavy – where everything is being driven by a strong beat and filled with great hooks, sure to get you moving through the night Nocturnal.”

„Our inspiration was the Kenneth Anger 70’s B-movie ‚Lucifer Rising‘ featuring a soundtrack by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Being huge Zep fans we felt enamoured by the over-the-top symbolism and sheer weirdness of that film and we thought… Why not try our own take on this, have our main protagonist portrayed as a Rock’n’Roll Star on a downward spiral… He eventually dies in the sea – and then through some dark magic is reincarnated as a god-like entity: Rock’n’Roll in human form. A bit like the Pharaoh in Kenneth Angers‘ original.“


Titelfoto: Mikey Lennartsson