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BLUTGOTT – Neues Video für `King Of The Killing Zone` (Debauchery Version)

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Thomas Gurrath und seine Bands Debauchery, Blood God und Balgeroth sind unter dem BLUTGOTT Banner vereint. Und mit dem 3-CD Digipak „Dragongods“ , das am 09. Februar  2024 herauskommt, feiert er das 20jährige Bestehen seiner inzwischen vermengten Bands, die eine ganz eigene, nicht immer nachvollziehbare Monstergeschichte erzählen.

Über den Track `King Of The Killing Zone` erzählt der Bandkopf:


„The song is about the Immortales Cruores of Balgeroth, the Drakornaut Blood Gods. Vampire dragons with demonic abilities.

Many are centauroid monsters that wield the heaviest weapons in the arm pair(s), often these are cannons or blades forged directly into their bodies. Their normal size is a length and height of 5 to 10 meters. Individual creatures usually provide heavy fire support for battalions of hell warriors, or they form small battle groups of a few monsters to destroy entire armies.

 There are Hydragor Blood Gods, these are almost all shapeshifters and have chameleon scales in their dragon appearance that make them nearly invisible. They therefore rarely wear external weapons and armour, but many can morph blades from their bodies or breathe fire. Gorezilla Crazyds are completely insane monsters. They prefer to carry heavy rapid-fire cannons, but in the heat of battle they will also fire at their own troops. Some of the Crazyds are forged together with the dreaded Crazyd Gatling Blasters. Soldiers on earth call them Gorezillas. They can use plasma directly from their bodies for ammunition and maintain an unmatched rate of fire until their weapons of hellforged steel burn up.




Digipak Trackliste:

CD 1 – Dragongods (Feat. Debauchery)

  1. Devourer Of Worlds
  2. Dragongods
  3. Horrors Of War
  4. Torture Pit
  5. Butcherman
  6. King Of The Killing Zone
  7. Blutgott Warmachine
  8. Wargrinder
  9. Armies Of Immortals
  10. The Horror Of The Forest


CD 2 – Drachenkult (Feat. Balgeroth)

  1. Drachen in der Todeszone
  2. Drachenstahl und Feuer
  3. Bal-Geroth
  4. Der Schrecken der Schlacht
  5. Blutgott Kriegsmaschine
  6. Der Schrecken des Waldes
  7. Heilige Drachen
  8. Legionen des Drachengottes
  9. Manatar
  10. Ausgeschlachtet


CD 3 – The Horror Of The Forest (Feat. Blood God)

  1. Dragongods
  2. The Horror Of The Forest
  3. Wargrinder
  4. King Of The Killing Zone
  5. Blood God Warmachine
  6. Armies Of Immortals
  7. Horrors Of War
  8. Torture Pit
  9. Butcherman
  10. Devourer Of Worlds


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