You are currently viewing BLOOD RED THRONE – `Tempest Sculptor‘ vom anstehenden „Nonagon“ Album veröffentlicht

BLOOD RED THRONE – `Tempest Sculptor‘ vom anstehenden „Nonagon“ Album veröffentlicht

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Das seit 26 Jahren tätige norwegische Brutal Death Kollektiv BLOOD RED THRONE stellt heute nach  ‘Blade Eulogy’ den zweiten Song Track vom Album „Nonagon“ vor, welches am 26. Januar herauskommen wird.

Bandgründer Baund Gitarrist Daniel „Død“ Olaisen kommentiert:

Blood Red Throne has always been a combination of groove and brutality. While keeping true to the BRT sound and feel, ‚Nonagon‘ feels fresh and new. The lyrics for the album are loosely based on the nine concentric circles of torment described in ‚Inferno‘ by Dante. The album has nine songs and it would be fitting to conceptualize around that. That being said, every lyric is up for interpretation and I encourage people to find their own meaning and themes based on it.“
`Tempest Sculptor is the best song Meathook has written in Blood Red Throne so far I think. It has the perfect flow from start to finish crowned by a quite nice solo by me. The lyrics for this song base itself around the self-destruction of humanity and the unavoidable cycles of human brutality. History is bound to repeat itself and there is nothing we can do about it.



Trackliste „Nonagon“:

  1. Epitaph Inscribed
  2. Ode To The Obscene
  3. Seeking To Pierce
  4. Tempest Sculptor
  5. Every Silent Plea
  6. Nonagon
  7. Split Tongue Sermon
  8. Blade Eulogy
  9. Fleshrend