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BLAZE BAYLEY mit DIGGERTHINGS – ‘Three Days Of Judgement’ Video

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Die aus Malta stammenden DIGGERTHINGS haben, den als interims Iron Maiden Sänger berühmt gewordenen, BLAZE BAYLEY als Sänger für ihre Metal Hymne ‘THREE DAYS OF JUDGMENT’ gewinnen können und sich damit eine wirklich US Power Metal-artige Gesangsleistung gesichert.




Ride with the wind It takes us into darkness
And in the dark there’s no one around you
Your body is lifeless The Days of Judgement are here
Prepare to be chosen
Now you’re on your own
Your fate is being written your judgement day is near
What have you done to wake the war in yourself
Have their paths been intertwined
Cast aside or dare to follow
Hail to you oh lord of power and might
Cast away temptation for you will be my guide
My path to righteousness has been stained by blood
For I am only man!
There my son the lord now speaks a whole new world now awaits
Your sacrifices have not been in vane
For you shall be born again! Shall be born again!
Put your god aside
I will give you wealth
I will give you fame
I will give you all your heart’s desires
For you will be mine!
Your fate has been written
Judgement has been done!
For I am only man!