You are currently viewing Black Metaller DIABLERY – enthüllen ‚Sanguine Emissions of Aeonic Ecstasy‘ Video

Black Metaller DIABLERY – enthüllen ‚Sanguine Emissions of Aeonic Ecstasy‘ Video

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Die 2018 gegründeten, griechischen Black Metaller DIABLERY bereiten die Veröffentlichung ihres neuen Drehers „Candles“ am 17. Dezember vor. Das mittlerweile solide Lineup besteht aus den beiden Gründungsmitgliedern Gitarrist ‚Nimerius‘ und Sänger/Gitarrist ‚Setesh‘ sowie Bassist ‚XII‘ und Drummer ‚Merenhor‘. Die Single ‚Sanguine Emissions Of Aeonic Ecstasy‘ gibt es im Video.



Sanguine Emissions of Aeonic Ecstasy

Creator of the endless Macrocosmos

God of the Unknown, of Life and the Unlife

Lord of the never-ending Circles

of mundane and divine

Embrace thine Child for I have shined worthily as Star

Unite your Blood with my Essence

So I can taste the Eternity of your Domain

To become one with my Blood,

to be spilt for your infinite majesty

Spread your wings across the dominance of space

Let me drown into your Fiery Black Essence

the Sanguine Emissions of Aeonic Ecstasy

Oh somber Father, oh siren Mother

Why does the world is so blind to the fire of your eyes?

Is the idea of Nothingness that extinguish their soul?

or they tremble before the inevitability of your Call?

Tear my shrouds

Blood and Flesh, reveal the Sun

The Obscured and Defiled,

Purity of a Darkness Divine

Tear the shrouds with your Light

„Why are you lurking around the domes of the nightside?

Curiosity is not enough for we know your dreads…

Go back but bind a promise here…“

With this vast Unknown I will become One!