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Black HM von SLAEGT – ‘Kiss From A Knife’ Clip

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Das dänische Black Heavy Metal Outfit SLAEGT beliefert uns mit ihrem neuen Track vom kommenden Album „Goddess“, das am 18. März erscheint.

Die Band erklärt:

Amalgamation leads to the redefinition of genres. At our core, we draw from a wide range of genres, styles, and time periods and we combine them in a way that speaks to us deeply. We have many shades on our palette, both light and dark. These are, as in life, interwoven and become ever-changing constants.”



Let me help you

Lift your veil

Let me free you

From your jail

Dying life force

Shall be spilled

An ancient promise

Shall be fulfilled


Let me help you

Paint the floor

Let us tie the knot


Every witness

Becomes a guest

In this moment

You shall be blessed


Let us

Take a walk

Down the aisle

And reconcile


To be bound

With the kiss from a knife

You are free

You may now kiss the bride

With this blade, I thee wed

Crimson tears are now shed


We have travelled

Different paths

To unite on this

Day of Wrath

This noble act

Shall haunt me again

This tender pact

Shall last ‘till the end


Let us

Take the oath

Mix our blood

Before the flood


And be bound

With the kiss from a knife

We are free

We have both kissed the bride

With this blade, we are wed

Crimson tears have been shed








This moment

Will possess me again

This poignant image

Will become a friend

When I dip my toes

Into your stream

And make you leak

As if in a dream


Crimson tears have now been shed


The vow has been spoken

The fog has cleared

The spell has been broken

The blade is revered.


Titelfoto: Adriana Zak