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Black Heavy Metal von SLAEGT – ‘Fealty, Thunder Whip’ Video

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Das dänische Black Heavy Metal Outfit SLAEGT streamt das Video zur ersten Single von ihrem vierten Longplayer “Goddess”, das für den 18. März terminiert ist.

Die Band schickt folgenden Kommentar dazu:

„We are extremely excited and proud to be able to announce our new full-length album “Goddess”! Consisting of six tracks with a total run-time of 40 minutes this is without a doubt our most accomplished work to date. We have been more detailed and thorough than ever in regards to composition, lyrics, and production while still maintaining darkness and high energy in the execution. We have been as experimental as ever and have tried to push ourselves and our music to the limit in every single way regarding the creation of this album. Words cannot describe how much we are looking forward to sharing this collection of songs with all our listeners.” 

 Über den Track selbst:

“Fealty, Thunder Whip” is a song with lyrics about a relentless desire to prove a point, no matter the price or consequences, coupled with high octane blackened heavy metal, in the signature Slaegt way!”




Heads made of bone and iron

Goats hiding under arches

We will end their night


Old paths made in silence

Being lost in dead marshes

They shall lose this fight


We take them on

As they appear

Send them away

Far from here

On and on we go


We will never fall

Pray to the lost cause

Of your worship

They won’t make a sound

In silent defeat


Fealty, thunder whip

Steering our ship

To the silence of their crypt

In the dark we make them rip


Fealty, thunder whip

Guiding our trip

With every move they slip

A total loss of grip


As we open the sky

Giant bolts fly

You cease to make a sound

Falling to the ground

Backwards and downwards


We take a different road

Storm clouds start to gather

Forming in our hearts


Patterns now erode

Charging empty matter

Tearing myths apart


Locust made of tension

Spreading fear

Hammers in the sky

Will deafen ears

Pounding blow by blow


They will always fall

Cursing the won goals

Of our worship

We will bear the crown

In loud success.


Titelfoto: Peter Troest