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BILLYBIO – ‘Black Out‘ Videorelease

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Biohazards BILLYBIO hat mit ‘Black Out‘ eine neue Hardcorelastige Single unter das Volk gebracht, die er mit einem Video unterfüttert. Sein dazugehöriges Album „Leaders And Liars“ kommt am 25 März heraus.

You pushed me over the edge
Now i’m seeing blackness

Fear is the enemy, destroyer of fate
The one that rips our destiny
Control the future, fight the negative
There is no empathy mentally
Bury the pain, the only remedy
The alternative is killing me
Deep inside my head there’s a raging war
It’s time we settle the score

Overcome by blackness
You pushed over, over the edge
All i hear are these voices inside my head
Telling me to let go and lose control
Control, over the edge

Actions rarely taken, inflicted misery
The harder the fight the i further i fall
Self torture, victory
My anger, deep inside, suppressed, i self oppress
So hard to hold it all in, i’m obsessed with my unrest

Stop the bleeding from the wounds
All alone in a crowded room
Hide behind secure costumes
We’re all immune inside the womb

Now i’m seeing blackness
Now i’m seeing black
You pushed me over the edge
Now i’m seeing blackness