You are currently viewing BETWEEN WORLDS  – mit Ronny Munroe ex-Trans-Siberian Orchestra Sänger

BETWEEN WORLDS – mit Ronny Munroe ex-Trans-Siberian Orchestra Sänger

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Ronny Munroe, der ehemalige Trans-Siberian Orchestra Sänger hat ein neues Outlet für seinen Gesang gefunden. Namentlich BETWEEN WORLDS, mit denen er am 10. September seine neue Scheibe veröffentlicht.

Der Sänger zeigt sich begeistert vom Heavy Power Metal den er zusammen mit Alessandro Del Vecchio geschaffen hat.

Ronny Munroe:

”When Ale[ssandro Del Vecchio] contacted me and asked if I wanted to write some songs with him, I jumped on it because I have a lot of respect for him as a musician, writer, producer, engineer, and so on. He does it all and does it very well. That’s why we call him the „Maestro“. When writing the songs on my end, I just stayed true to myself and didn’t really change anything up. I have always written somewhat about my life and the things that I have gone through. I find writing to be very cathartic and I’ve had, and have, a lot to say. Musically, I write the same. Alessandro and Pete just wrote what they felt and I really can’t say what or who the songs may sound like, to me they sound like Between Worlds and I really look forward to building on the foundation that Alessandro and I have started,“

Jetzt streamen sie das Video zum Namensgeber: ‘Between Worlds‘.