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BELPHEGOR – Neues ‘Necrodaemon Terrorsathan‘ 2020 Video

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Im November erscheint der BELPHEGOR Re-release von ‚Necrodaemon Terrosathan‘ aus dem Jahr 2000. „We originally composed this album 1998-1999, recording and releasing in 2000. Our Former guitarist Sigurd [1993-2006] who marched with me around the globe wrote three songs on this monster.“ 

und fürht weiterhin aus:

“During these uncertain global times, we continue to glorify the Pan-demonic Totentanz with the re-recorded title track, NECRODAEMON TERRORSATHAN. It’s a manifestation of Diabolical Death Metal in its purest form. 20 years after the original release, it’s an offering to the horde that supports BELPHEGOR, making it possible for us to still be here, on fire, and stronger than ever before. We hail you!“