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BECKY BALDWIN – MERCYFUL FATE Klassiker `The Oath` im Playthrough-Video

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BECKY BALDWIN, ihreszeichens Bassistin bei MERCYFUL FATE, hat heute ein Playthrough-Video zu dem MERCYFUL FATE Song schlechthin online gestellt. `The Oath` stammt vom 1984 erschienenen Album “Don’t Break The Oath“

BECKY schreibt dazu:

„’The Oath‘ – The first song I played with Mercyful Fate, both in rehearsal in Dallas and when the curtain dropped on my first show at their guest bassist back in 2022.  

In this track we are treated to a range of fun bass lines, with thunderous, unrelenting triplets, rapid fills, melodic counterpoint, harmonics, and a cheeky bass solo!

This playthrough stays as true as possible to Timi Hansen’s original bassline from the 1984 recorded release. The only change made is the end of the bass solo at 3:54 I have borrowed a descending line that Joey Vera would play for his live shows for Mercyful Fate (I thought this change was really cool!)”


Also ein Fest für allle Fans der Viersaiter, denen sie am Ende des Clips noch über ihr Gear berichtet.