You are currently viewing Bat-Cave aus Oakland ESSES  – ‘Before the Blight‘ Clip

Bat-Cave aus Oakland ESSES – ‘Before the Blight‘ Clip

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Totale Old School Bat-Cave-Sounds aus den 80ern werden heutzutage als “deathrock/post-punk“ bezeichnet. Nicht nur seltsam sondern auch völlig unpassend, denn noch viel klassischer könnten die Siouxsie and the Banshees artigen Klängen, die das Quintett aus Oakland, da spielt gar nicht sein. Wer auf derartige Musik steht, kann sich allerdings auf ESSES zweites Album “ Bloodletting for the Lonely“ Anfang August freuen und  die aktuelle Vorabsingle ‘Before the Blight‘ hier als Videocliip antesten.

Bassist Scout Leight erzählt eine etwas verwirrende Geschichte zum Song:

“‘Before the Blight’ was written prior to COVID, but one could make an easy connection to the desire of going back to life (in most aspects) prior to the Pandemic. We aren’t sure how Kel was able to foresee the desire to ‘send us back before the blight’ that later became the year 2020, but we are definitely paying attention to her warnings moving forward!

“The video depicts an alternate timeline where at one point a decision was made by man that sent us spiraling down our current experience. The video portrays this with the red contrast being the moment that decision was made and the destruction that has ensued based on man’s impact (represented by footage from a rail car of the 1906 earthquake that toppled San Francisco).

“Kel is seen trapped between the timelines as man compounds his efforts and sends us plummeting further down this forsaken path, corrupting the hearts and minds of humankind. Kel later appears as a glitch in the timeline and at one point corrupts the systems of man to reverse his efforts and hopefully send us back.

“There is a literal depiction of a woman undoing the work of man as the timeline shifts from the red contrast to its normal state. But have we gone too far?”