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BALLS GONE WILD – `School On Fire‘ Video

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Von ihrem Freitag erschienenen Studioalbum „Stay Wild“ präsentieren die drei Turbo-Rocker mit Rotzrock und Diesel Attitude BALLS GONE WILD die nächste Singleauskopplung `School On Fire‘ im Video.

Die Band schreibt zur Single:

“This is dedicated to all the victims and their families and friends who lost their lives or loved ones to a useless mass shooting or any other gun violence!”



Nobody knew me, I wasn’t seen at all

A ghost in the shadow, waiting for its call

Nobody knew the pain that I was in

A lifetime of anger, ready for some sin


Everybody knew that I was all alone

A mistreated child, beaten to the bone

Everybody saw who was my enemy

Acting on me with all his brutality


Somebody must have heard my silent screams

A look into my eyes would have shown my needs

All of you saw him and knew his name

You should have stopped him, that’s why you’re the one to blame


I set the school on fire

I’m gonna make it burn