You are currently viewing BAEST – ’Meathook Massacre’: neues Video der Death Metaller

BAEST – ’Meathook Massacre’: neues Video der Death Metaller

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BAEST veröffentlichen heute ’Meathook Massacre’ von ihrem neuen Album “Necro Sapiens”, das im März erscheinen wird.“The video for Meathook Massacre is from the recording process of the Necro Sapiens album.

„The whole album was recorded live, every one of us tracking simultaneously – and the observant listener is able to spot some tracks, that made it to the final cut as well! (Disclaimer: the lights weren’t as cool for the whole recording, sadly…)

Zum Song sagt die Band selbst:

In his den of violence, a specialist in pain and suffering resides. A torture mercenary, who lives to see the everflowing stream of malicious desires of the elite, satisfied. We welcome you, to his Meathook Massacre.”