You are currently viewing BAD PENNY feat. Rob Halford & Militia Vox – ‚Push Comes To Shove‘ Video

BAD PENNY feat. Rob Halford & Militia Vox – ‚Push Comes To Shove‘ Video

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Judas Priest Sänger Rob Halford ist die neueste von mehreren Legenden, die Songs der Rocksupergroup BAD PENNY präsentieren. Diese besteht aus dem ehemaligen Queen und Paul Rodgers Bassisten Danny Miranda, Blue Öyster Cult Drummer Jules Radino und Gitarrist und Songwriter Mike Holtzman. Vorherige Release sahen Ex-Journey Leadsänger Steve Augeri und Queensrÿche Vokalist Todd LaTorre. Halford´s Duettpartnerin bei der symphonisch-epischen Single ‚Push Comes To Shove‘  ist die New Yorker Sängerin Militia Vox. Nun wurde das offizielle Video zum Song präsentiert.

Halford sagt:

„This song just grabbed me. It’s mysterious, dark, and sexy.“

Und Mike Holtzman erklärt:

„Danny (Miranda) and I came up with the music and melody for this one. We knew we had something special… these exotic world-music elements, the inner dialogue, the heavy groove…it just needed extraordinary voices to bring it home. We are thrilled Rob and Militia agreed to sing it. They absolutely killed it.“

Und fährt fort:

„The object of this band is to tap into sounds and genres we love, and not to pigeon-hole ourselves as this-or-that. We want to keep ourselves and our listeners surprised and challenged. There are a few more cool twists and turns ahead.“