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AVALAND – ‘Holy Kingdom Of Fools‘ Video

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Zur Veröffentlichung des Albums “Theater Of Sorcery“ von Adrien G. Gzaggs AVALAND, kommt das Video zum Track ‘Holy Kingdom Of Fools‘ heraus, auf dem ihr Jeff Kanji als Gastsänger hört.

Adrien kommentiert den Song so:

„A big allusion to Tobias Sammet and Edguy’s spirit (cf. “King Of Fools”) ! In this song, with the incredible Jeff Kanji, I would like to criticize the kind of people who follow the fashions just because it’s fashion, the “sheeps” who makes choices just because the others make those choices. In the story Jacob, Adam’s best friend, is attracted by this “perfect” world where everybody leaves in peace but Adam feels bad about this kind of dictatorial land. I’d like to see it as an heroic-fantasy version of 1984 (George Orwell).”