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AUTUMNBLAZE – melodic und dark: ‘Flamedoves’ Clip

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Das stets melancholische Rock und „dark Metal“ Duo AUTUMNBLAZE kehrt nach siebenjähriger Abstinenz mit dem Album “ Welkin Shores Burning“ zurück. Nach der ersten Single, ist jetzt ein neues Video zur neuen Version des allerersten Song der beiden experimentierfreudigen Musiker erschienen.

Markus Baltes über das Remake: „For the first time in our history we re-visited an important part of our past again. Flamedoves was actually the first song we have ever written for Autumnblaze. It can be found on our debut album. When I wrote the new version, I had to find a different approach to the song. In the end it became not just a cover but a completely new song. And all I can say it’s one of my fave tunes on the new album. It represents the steps we have taken from the beginning til now and it’s a milestone for the bond between Arisjel and me.“

Arisjel: „The motif of „Flamedoves“ is as old as Autumnblaze. Flaming thoughts of searching spirits, angry and powerful in the past, gentle and fragile today, like on „welkin shores burning“. A wonderful song, touching souls, dwelling in hearts for decades, until today.“