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ATAVISTIA – Stellen `Ethereal Wanderer` vor

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Die Epic, Symphonic Black Metal Band ATAVISTIA hat ein frisches Lyricvideo für ihren Track `Ethereal Wanderer` hochgeladen. Gesangliche Unterstützung gibt es bei dem Track von Vincent Jones von AETHER REALM. Der Song wird auch auf dem dritten Longplayer “Cosmic Warfare“ vertreten sein, der am 21.April 2023 in den Läden stehen wird.

Fronter Mattias Sippola über den Song:

„‚Ethereal Wanderer‘ progresses through the aftermath of a cosmic wasteland in a triumphant journey. We needed to breathe some rhythmic and melodic energy into this track. Triumph after chaos!





Within the dark plains of time

Twisting shadows of dying light

Frozen clouds embrace the mind

Follow the calling void

Crying out to take a breath

Falling ashes douse the soul

Embers soaring through the smoke

All star filled skies die


In astral flame

In warping time

and waning light


Tear out the life, the love, the hope

Fall back into the boundless sea

Before divine reality

Uncover true misanthropy




Lost in the ether’s maze

Nurtured by transcending phase

Cast away your mortal form

In death, become reborn

Oh forgotten are the old ways

Forbidden from the warm days

Guided by the ghost

Bound forever in endless space


Ethereal Wanderer

Eternal universe

Ethereal Wanderer

Eternal mystery


In the dark

Tear of time

Within old stars

I fade away


Far beyond oceans teeming with life

From the deepest caverns of long, cold, and distant worlds

Roaming endlessly through time and space

Forever adrift upon this place



Fly to feel alive

Nowhere to hide

Faster than light

I must decide

Where my memories go

Till ancient wisdom grows in my soul


Show me my desire

Hold me now

Oh Give me your power

To rule time


Right the wrongs of my life

On newly formed paths unknown

From the shadows of the past I rise

Welcoming the night


Call upon the broken dream

Where light shines around a crown

This is what I seek

A chance to be free


On the edge of tomorrow

Behind fading sorrow

Show me the path ahead

Dawning horizon

Darkness forgotten

Grant me the power of the dead

The sun, the moon, everlasting memory

Fade away in my mind

A future so still

Guiding light

Follow the one who wanders in nightfall

Between realms of broken lifetimes


Blinded in confusion

By the dark illusion

Promised with a broken fate

Told a tale of lies

By immortal eyes

Flowing from the voice of the Ethereal Wanderer