You are currently viewing AT THE GATES – Künstlervideo zum neuen Track ‘The Fall Into Time’

AT THE GATES – Künstlervideo zum neuen Track ‘The Fall Into Time’

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Die Schweden-Deather AT THE GATES veröffentlichen die dritte Single von  “The Nightmare Of Being”, das am 02. Juli in die Läden kopmmt.

AT THE GATES Shouter Tomas Lindberg Redant kommentiert die Single ’The Fall Into Time’:

„Hello everybody! As you might have already guessed, this album is our most ambitious effort yet, including a lot of different orchestrations and new takes on arrangements, etc.

This track, „The Fall into Time“ is one of the centerpieces of the album. It is big, demanding and epic. We have always found it intriguing to compose songs like these, think „Neverwhere“, „Primal Breath“, „The Night Eternal“ and „Daggers of Black Haze“. It is heavy, mean and dark, as well as almost cinematic in its thematic approach. I have always said that the AT THE GATES listener wants to be challenged and that you hopefully all are as curious as we are when it comes to exploring new musical territory. This song is one of those moments… Enjoy!

Zur visuellen Umsetzung erklärt er:

„For the video for this more adventurous track we chose to work again with our dear friend and co-conspirator Costin Chioreanu, as we thought that it required a more arty and avantgarde approach. I was, as always, very intrigued to see what he would come up with, as he has a deep understanding of what AT THE GATES is about. He did not disappoint, and this video is a perfect complement to a song like this. Costin went all the way with this one. Truly inspiring!“