You are currently viewing ASINHELL – Volbeat Michael Poulsen & Mark Greve legen Video zu `Fall of the Loyal Warrior` nach

ASINHELL – Volbeat Michael Poulsen & Mark Greve legen Video zu `Fall of the Loyal Warrior` nach

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Volbeats Michael Poulsen und der mit Morgoth bekannt gewordene Death Metal Growler Mark Greve haben ihrer ersten ASINHELL Single `Fall of the Loyal Warrior` noch ein offizielles Video spendiert. Mit dem OSDM Album “Impii Hora” verneigt sich Poulsen vor seinen persönlichen Death Metal Helden wie z.B. Chuck Schuldiner und plant die Veröffentlichung der Scheibe für den 29. September.

Michael Poulsen verrät:

”The song is kind of a tribute to bands I love, like Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Autopsy, Grave, and Darkthrone. They’re the reason why we can do this in the first place, and we’re proud to wear our influences on our sleeve. The album was inspired by late ’80s and early ’90s old school death metal, and one of our brightest points of inspiration was the mighty Death, fronted by the legendary Chuck Schuldiner. There’s a lot of Death in there. Schuldiner is one of my favorite death metal vocalists, the other being our vocalist Marc [Grewe]. So to me, this song is the combination of two of my favorites. ‚Let the metal flow,‘ as Chuck would have said!

Marc Grewe erklärt:

I had known Michael quite a long time and he always mentioned that we should do a death metal project one day, but I never took him too seriously because he was so busy with Volbeat. Then he called for real and said, ‚Yeah, I want to do it now. Are you up for it?‘ Immediately, I was like, ‚Yes, of course!‘



Trackliste “Impii Hora”:

01. Fall of the Loyal Warrior
02. Inner Sancticide
03. Island of Dead Men
04. Trophies
05. The Ultimate Sin
06. Wolfpack Laws
07. Desert of Doom
08. Pyromantic Scryer
09. Impii Hora
10. Føj for Helvede