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ASINHELL – Michael Poulsen & Mark Greve stellen `Pyromantic Scryer´ Video vor

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Im September haben Volbeat Frontmann Michael Poulsen und Death Metal Growler Mark Greve, Morten Toft Hansen sowie Frank Albers unter dem Banner ASINHELL ihr gemeinsames Debütalbum „Impii Hora“ veröffentlicht, von dem sie heute dem Track `Pyromantic Scryer´ ein brandneues Video widmet. Im Juni kommt die Band auf Europatour mit ihrem Special Guest Endseeker.

„‚Pyromantic Scryer‘ was the first song I wrote for the album and it surely has an Entombed vibe, and as I’ve said before, it was L.G. Petrov who kicked started the birth of Asinhell.“, so Poulsen.

Und Sänger Marc Grewe erklärt:

„Pyromancy is the ‚art‘ of prophecy/augury by any means of fire. The song is about a mad man who thinks he can predict the future from fires. Fires he sets himself. In his delusion, he thinks he is a misunderstood messiah. The song can also been seen metaphorical on some things that are going on (and wrong) in the world of today… a small spark of a mad man (or group/cult) can set the world on fire. I think the video created by Shan Dan shows this dangerous behavior in a quite drastic way!“