You are currently viewing ARCHED FIRE ft. Tim ”Ripper” Owens – `Pestilence´ Single und Video veröffentlicht

ARCHED FIRE ft. Tim ”Ripper” Owens – `Pestilence´ Single und Video veröffentlicht

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`Pestilence´ ist die zweite Video- und Singleauskopplung der finnischen Heavy/Thrash Metaller ARCHED FIRE. Dieses Mal sind Gastvocals von Tim “Ripper Owens” enthalten. Das Zweitwerk “Trust Betrayal” soll im Frühjahr erscheinen. Die Single enthält die B-Seite `Mr. Death´, welche nicht auf dem Album vertreten sein wird. Als Appetithappen servierte der Fünferpack bereits den Track `Fear´.

Kristian, Sänger und Texter der Band erklärt:

“As people gather closer to each other, diseases rise from poor hygiene. People want to find someone to blame for the disease. The main principle in magic is to direct your attention to somewhere else while you do the trick. This is what some people in charge may use to their advantage.”

Rhythmusgitarrist Ari ergänzt:

“Some ideas, or shall we say primitive versions of them, are so old that I would bore everybody by rambling about how they’ve evolved from a mournful arpeggio intro to a twisted middle-part riff and so on, but let’s not go there. Let’s just say that we found some ancient stuff of ours that really clicked with some of our latest riffs, and ta-dah, we had this killer new song called ‘Pestilence’.”

Erneut Kristian über den prominenten Gast:

“I heard Ripper for the first time when Judas Priest’s Jugulator came out and I loved that record. ’Cathedral Spires’ was my favorite tune because of Ripper’s high screams. I used to blast my stereos and sing along with him. I could not even dream that 25 years later he would sing with me on our album. It’s totally awesome and incredible to have Ripper featured in our song. Great respect and gratitude to him!”