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ARCHANGEL – `The New God´ Video der Dark Horror Metaller

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Die dänischen Dark Metaller/Horror Metaller ARCHANGEL bringen am 20. Oktober ihre Debütscheibe „Total Dark Sublime“ heraus. Die erste Single `The New God´ bietet einen ersten Vorgeschmack für Fans von Danzig, Type O Negative, Turbonegro, Tribulation und Unto Others.

Die Band über die Debütsingle:

„The song is a lament about lost opportunities, broken spirits, glimpses of what could have been, and regret. It is titled ‚The New God‘ and will be accompanied by a music video shot by the brilliant Robin L. Nilzon.“



In this cell I watch the stone as it fades
In this place that I call home life slips away
Memories of bleeding for it, memories of feeding off the dark
Memories of something starting, memories of breeding a new god

Standing on the mountain top the wind becomes a storm
Embrace the gifts of ecstasy and what I will become
Blood and foam drips from my mouth, I smell the stench of you
Sear the flesh with golden fire, the god is born anew

Shape the earth by dragon breath, encage the world in glass
Take no heed of mortal men and for the mercy that they ask
Ignorant beyond belief, they keep looking to their star
Can’t turn back from selfmade truths and know what they really are