You are currently viewing ARCH ENEMY – Premiere für ‘Handshake With Hell‘ Video-Single

ARCH ENEMY – Premiere für ‘Handshake With Hell‘ Video-Single

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Da ARCH ENEMY mittlerweile zu den richtig Großen der Branche gehören, kann man sich mit der Veröffentlichung eines Albums auch mal Zeit lassen und trotzdem die Vorfreude dafür bereits Monate im Voraus schüren. Das inzwischen elfte Studioalbum “ Deceivers“ hat seinen Veröffentlichungstermin erst am 29 Juli, dennoch streamt die Band heute bereits die dritte Single ‘Handshake With Hell‘, die mit ungewöhnlich melodiösen Teilen aufwartet, als Video.

Gitarrist Michael Amott kommentiert den Song:
„Our new single/video ‚Handshake with Hell‘ started off with some riffs and melodies that I thought might be suitable for each other, and when I showed the parts I had to Daniel (Erlandsson, drums), he also felt it had potential. We worked on a demo of it, developing it much further together, and once we had reached a point where we felt it was ready, we sent the instrumental version to Alissa over in Canada. She came back with this really cool approach to the vocals and lyrics that elevated the song even further. To me, it’s a stand-out track on the new Deceivers‚ album, really showcasing what we are capable of as songwriters and performers in 2022 – it’s definitely one of the new songs I’m dying to play live on tour!“

Alissa White-Gluz:

„When Michael and Daniel showed me the instrumental they had cooked up, I got a ton of vocal ideas to complete the song. ‚Handshake with Hell‘ has a classic heavy metal feel, and it felt like the right time to unleash some classic heavy metal vocals to match. I think the result is really interesting and catchy!“

Die Premiere des Clips ist um 18.00 CET



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Titelfoto: Katja Kuhl