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ARCH BLADE – Heavy Metal Unit streamt `Under The Mask`

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Echter Old School Heavy Metal aus Los Angeles ist rar aber ARCH BLADE sind Vertreter genau dieser seltenen Gattung, wenn man auch ein wenig frühen Thrash  bei `Under The Mask`heraushören kann.  Mit der neuen Single, weist der Fünferpack auf ihren Longplayer „Kill The Witch“ hin, der am 28. Juli herauskommt.

Die Band erklärt:

Ultimate horror legend comes to life, and you can’t hide. It’s a perfect song to close the album because it’s got everything in it, almost like a musical and lyrical summary of the record. Also, a very fast-paced heavy metal that turns into thrash metal halfway through and then goes back. The last catchphrase was captured at the studio after Al finished one of his takes, and that phrase says it all about this record!“




Trackliste „Kill The Witch“:​

  1. Abduction – 3:34
  2. Nightbreed – 2:58
  3. Tyrant Rhapsody – 4:31
  4. Kill The Witch – 4:28
  5. Factory Of Sin – 3:53
  6. House Of Dreams – 5:05
  7. Break The Silence – 5:20
  8. Touched By Death – 5:27
  9. Queen Of The Damned – 5:54
  10. Under The Mask – 5:39