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APPALOOZA – Heavy Rocker streamen `Wasted Land`

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APPALOOZA , Frankreichs Heavy Rock Trio mit Einflüssen von Stoner bis zu Tribalsounds, teilt die neueste Auskopplung ihres im Oktober erscheinenden dritten Longplayers „The Shining Son“. Dazu veröffentlichen die drei `Wasted Land` als Lyricvisualizer.

Die Band erklärt:

After the awakening and arrival of The Horse aka Azazael on Earth narrated in our latest album ‚The Holy Of Holies‘, ‚The Shining Son‘ tells how The Horse exercises its power and how it sows chaos towards the populations. Here again, we are talking about religion and its perdition. Indeed, the Pelican as told in the first track represents The Christ who feeds his little ones aka the people. But his powers are weakened and his wings are damaged. He can no longer fly properly and get food to feed the starving people,“ says the band about the new album’s main thematics. „The sequels of a violent childhood are for life. This album is some kind of emotional liberation going through fear, escape, counterattack, violence and anger. It is the testament of a bygone era, the legacy of the past on the present, the cure for the future. It denounces the family and social imprisonment of an era. A coincidence with the liberation of the people with the Covid-19 crisis?“ they add.




There is an incredulousness

That accompanies my depressed existence

It asks how on earth I am getting through this

So how on earth am I getting through this?

The question repeats and repeats

I stare blankly in disbelief

How am I standing?

How am I alive?

How am I making it seem like it’s fine?

The question repeats and repeats

Staring blankly in disbelief

At pictures of me

And I wonder, who is this?

I don’t recognise that smile

How is it so convincing?

I don’t recognise that life

Inside it feels like I am dying

It’s weird to know I wasn’t happy

That’s just how I made it seem

An illusion of positivity


I will never live up to these lies

I will never be worth your time


I don’t feel joy

I just fake it

I don’t feel hope

I just fake it

I don’t feel love

I just fake it

I don’t feel real

Nothing is sacred