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ANVIL – `Truth Is Dying` Single ist online

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Die unnachahmlichen und unkaputtbaren ANVIL streamen den neuen Track `Truth Is Dying` von ihrem zwanzigsten Album „One And Only” das sich alle Metaller am 28. Juni in die Regale stellen können.

Fronter Lips erklärt dazu:

We’re more like our old selves than we’ve been in years. We’ve dropped all our more modern aspects, particularly the 90s version of Anvil. No sexual topics and no thrash speed songs like they featured on past albums.”

Anfang April hatte das Trio bereits `Feed Your Fantasy` als Video online gestellt.



01 – One And Only

02 – Feed Your Fantasy

03 – Fight For Your Rights

04 – Heartbroken

05 – Gold And Diamonds

06 – Dead Man Shoes

07 – Truth Is Dying

08 – Rocking The World

09 – Run Away

10 – World Of Fools

11 – Condemned Liberty

12 – Blind Rage


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