You are currently viewing ANTHRAX: Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Dan Lilker & Lee Ving von FEAR

ANTHRAX: Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Dan Lilker & Lee Ving von FEAR

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‘YO! I don’t care about you’

Das Trio Benante, Ian & Lilker sind während der gesamten Coronaphase extrem aktiv und nutzen die Zeit für jede Menge ungewöhnliche Kooperationen. Dieses mal haben sie ‘I don’t care about you’ von FEAR mit dem Originalsänger Lee Ving in einer Shut-Down Version aufgenommen.

Charlie Benante auf seinem Youtube Kanal:

“How the hell did you guys hook up with Lee Ving??? He’s a fucking legend! We will surely be asked that question too many times to answer over the rest of our lives so… He DM’d Scott on Instagram. Yep, sometimes social media is awesome. First off, the fact that Lee was even paying attention to our Instajams blows my mind. And then he hit Scott up and asked if we could do something together. Could we? Holy shit yes we can! Scott couldn’t text Me and Danny fast enough and we felt the same as He did We are all such huge fans of Lee and Fear. The Record, Fear’s debut album was such a direct influence on S.O.D. They were hard as hell and twice as tight. I used to watch their performances in Decline of the Western Civilization over and over, marveling in their ability to not give a fuck. When scott started drawing the S.O.D. comic strips in 1984 Sgt. D was basically a zombie Lee. For us they were inspiration and our aspiration. We even covered I Love Livin’ In The City live to fill out our set (S.E.O.D. was only 28 minutes long). I replied, “I Don’t Care About You” to Scott’s query about doing a track with Lee and Danny and I were in. Lee was just as excited about doing this as we were. Turns out he’s a Fan! Have fun watching/listening my friends, we did! Thank you Lee! Thank you to Andy Lagis and Dima Levanchuk for the mix and Vid edit”