You are currently viewing ANNIKEN – melodisch, heavy & modern im `Climb out of Hell` Lyric Video

ANNIKEN – melodisch, heavy & modern im `Climb out of Hell` Lyric Video

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ANNIKEN ist eine weibliche Metalsolokünstlerin aus Norwegen und schon lange Teil der dortigen Metalszene in verschiedenen Bands und nicht zuletzt als Teil der Legend of Valley Doom Trilogie ihres Ehemannes Marius Danielsen, der auch an einigen Songs der neuen Scheibe „Climb Out of Hell“, welche im Mai erscheinen soll, mitgewirkt hat. Als erste Single wurde unter den neun neuen Tracks `Climb Out Of Hell` auserkoren, das es nun im Lyric Video gibt.

Die Künstlerin kommentiert ihr Solo-Debüt:

„To release my solo album is both incredibly exciting and completely terrifying at the same time. As part of a band, you do not feel as vulnerable. But here I stand alone. Completely exposed and I really hope that people will love this album as much as I do. It is not quite the same as any of my former projects. This is just me, just Anniken. My songs, my stories. It doesn’t easily fit into one specific metal subgenre, but I don’t like being labeled anyway. I wanted the album to be melodic and heavy with hints of all my inspirations such as Metallica, Pink, Iron Maiden, and Linkin Park, while at the same time not sounding like any of them.“

Und `Climb Out Of Hell`:

„This song was born from the phrase “and because I’ve been broken too, I recognize the pieces of you”, which I wrote after someone asked me how I could tell that a person in our lives was hurting before they told us. It was supposed to be a ballad, but the results were a faster, more Iron Maiden-inspired song. That happens a lot, though. I think I am writing a ballad, but my songs just keep wanting to be heavy. And the results are better for it.“