You are currently viewing ANNIHILATOR (ft. Alexi Laiho, Dave Lombardo & Stu Block) – ‚Romeo Delight‘ (Van Halen Cover)

ANNIHILATOR (ft. Alexi Laiho, Dave Lombardo & Stu Block) – ‚Romeo Delight‘ (Van Halen Cover)

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„Metal II“, die Neuauflage der 2007er Platte der kanadischen Thrash-Institution ANNIHILATOR, kommt am 11. Februar auf den Markt. An der Seite von Gitarrist und Bandchef Jeff Waters stehen dabei der einstige Slayer-Trommler Dave Lombardo und am Mikro Stu Block (Into Eternity, Ex-Iced Earth). Die zweite Single, das Van Halen Cover ‚Romeo Delight‘, deckt nach dem Track ‘Downright Dominate‘ somit erneut auch den Tribut an die beiden Gitarrenhelden Eddie Van Halen und den Ende 2020 verstorbenen Alexi Laiho ab, der hier erneut zu hören ist. Die Videopremiere startet um 15:00 Uhr.

Jeff Waters ĂŒber ‚Romeo Delight‘:

„There was something about „Women And Children First“. It was massively-brutal attitude meeting aggression, meets a DLR-fronted party. You have to remember when this came out. ‘Romeo Delight’ is the most „heavy“ song from VH, in my (and Kerry King’s!) opinion. The photos on the cover/back cover of „WACF“ were impactful. It was a green cover and it was a photo of the band posing for a record cover shot and instead of blowing that photo up to the full size of the LP, they cropped it so it was a third the size of the record and everything around it was green. I would stare at the front and back pics for hours! Eddie was like a 2nd father, in a way. Millions probably feel that way too and only fans of his from back then could understand this. His playing, writing, performance and smile were second to none. EVER. He was a superb writer, lead guitar innovator, genius rhythm player and was able to build a gear empire. He took chances. Did his own thing. It worked. Millions and more will mourn him, as long as the future world likes music. But we also will be celebrating forever, as musicians will continue to hand down the „EVH-Influenced-Musical-Genes“ to future generations!“


Die Songs und GĂ€ste auf „Metal II“:

1. Chasing The High featuring William Adler
2. Downright Dominate featuring Alexi Laiho
3. Army Of One featuring Steve „Lips“ Kudlow
4. Couple Suicide featuring Danko Jones und Angela Gossow
5. Heavy Metal Maniac featuring Dan Beehler & Allan Johnson
6. Haunted featuring Jesper Strömblad
7. Romeo Delight
8. Detonation featuring Jacob Lynam
9. Clown Parade featuring Jeff Loomis
10. Smothered featuring Anders Björler
11. Kicked featuring Corey Beaulieu