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ANGRA – Power Prog Metaller stellen `Tide Of Changes` als Video vor

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Die Power Metaller aus Brasilien pflegen ihren Hang zu progressiveren musikalischen Ansätzen auch in ihrer ersten Auskopplung vom „Cycles Of Pain“ Album, das für den 03. November angesetzt ist. `Tide Of Changes – Part II`  könnt ihr jetzt als digital angereichertes Video sehen.

Felipe Andreoli erzählt zum Song:

“This song came to life very quickly. After I played around with the initial riff, all subsequent parts kind of naturally fell into place. It’s a song full of dynamics and different textures, with a look to the future while we also nod to the past, especially in the middle section. Fabio did a brilliant job with the vocal lines and delivered a very inspired performance. The intro came about while I was working on some harmonies, then Fabio joined in and the magic happened.“

und Rafael Bittencourt ergänzt:

„The ‚Tide Of Changes‘ lyrics were the first I wrote for the »Cycles Of Pain« album and portray exactly what the title denounces. We live in a moment of great instability and, while our ego seeks the comfort zone and control, it is fundamental to adapt to this impermanence, to surf the waves of destiny and not on our expectations. It’s the pains and frustrations that shape and strengthen us, to the point where we can beat our chest and say: ‘Let the next wave of difficulties come. Want to take another piece of me? Come on, I’ve waited for this moment!'“




01. Cyclus Doloris
02. Ride Into The Storm
03. Dead Man On Display
04. Tide Of Changes – Part I
05. Tide Of Changes – Part II
06. Vida Seca
07. Gods Of The World
08. Cycles Of Pain
09. Faithless Sanctuary
10. Here In The Now
11. Generation Warriors
12. Tears Of Blood