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ANGELUS APATRIDA – ‘The Age Of Disinformation’

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“Back to the roots” heißt bei Spaniens führender Thrash Metal Band wohl einfach nur Thrash pur, mit einer ordentlichen Portion Aggression ohne gleichzeitig einfach nur zu wüten. Das selbstbetitelte Album, von dem ‘The Age Of Disinformation’ stammt. kommt am 05 Februar.


“Back to the roots with “The Age Of Disinformation“, fresh and catchy old-school thrash metal song; musically it will bring you back to the golden age of the genre, technically is a galloping piece of gold with crazy solos, riffs and drumming, and those classic frenetic high-pitch insane vocals! Lyrically, well, the story tells itself, we are living the times where more information we have; it’s in our own pockets, in our smartphones, on internet… and ironically is the age where more misinformed we are, we are slaves to the fake news, the more information we have the less we verify or contrast. No doubt we are in front of one future classic AA song, a neck-breaking on every show, enjoy it!”