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ANDREW W.K. – Single ‘Stay True To Your Heart’

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Bevor am Freitag „God Is Partying“ die neue Scheibe des selbst erklärten „Party Gottes“ in die Läden kommt, haut ANDREW W.K. noch ein weiteres Video raus. Die neue Single ‘Stay True To Your Heart’ kommt dabei verdammt pop-rockig aus den Boxen.

ANDREW W.K. sselbst sagt über die neue Single

“What is the most brutal form of positivity? I want to get in there. Being and staying. Being true to yourself isn’t the same as staying true to your heart. They told me all about this when I started forming. Approving the disapproval of others. Happiness. Seriousness. Zones of care – yourself, your family of supervisors, your city of strangers, your bathroom, your basement, your street. What does it mean for me to be not-human? What does it mean for a not-human to posses my party mindset? It’s not appropriate for me to analyze this song in that way. The song is meant to analyze me. And the listener is meant to party.”