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ANCIENT SETTLERS – `Wounded Heart´ Videosingle kündigt Zweitling an

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Die multinationalen, USA, Venezuela, Spanien und Portugal sind vertreten, Melodic Death Metaller ANCIENT SETTLERS kündigen ihr Longplay-Zweitwerk „Oblivion’s Legacy“ für den 17. Mai an und veröfffentlichen die erste Auskopplung `Wounded Heart´ samt Video.



In a world ablaze with relentless haste
Shattered dreams, time’s cruel embrace

Days rush like rivers
We drown in fears
The wheel of time is turning to redeem

Come on motherfu##ers
Try to save
From the waves
The conundrum needs to be solved
Think again
Use the frame
You will be the executed

Running from the cradle to the grave I’ll find my way
through failures and falls I see the way
No one can save me, no one can make

Times come and go before my eyes, and I struggle
Every stumble, let me go for more
Every scar is my badge of battles earned
Are just the ashes of my wounded heart

In the whirlwind of life, I stand alone
Dreams slipping through my fingers
Seeds unsown
Caught in the jaws of hopelessness
Lost in the void
(as) time takes its toll