You are currently viewing ANCIENT ENTITIES – Death Metal Debütanten knüppeln `Pierced By Obsidian´

ANCIENT ENTITIES – Death Metal Debütanten knüppeln `Pierced By Obsidian´

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Die Death Metal Crew ANCIENT ENTITIES kommt aus Milwaukee, Wisconsin, und stellt ein kraftstrotzendes Quartett aus den erfahrenen Musikern Alex Rausa, Bernardo Mendia, Jake Falk, Luke Veranth und Brian Gulliford, die für den 21. Juni die Veröffentlichung ihres Debütalbums „Echoes Of Annihilation“ verkünden. In Verbindung mit dieser Ankündigung enthüllen sie auch das Lyric-Video zu ihrer knallharten Single `Pierced By Obsidian´.

Die Band über ihren Erstling:

„We think fans first hearing the album will find there is a refreshing mix of styles of death metal. Modern, old school, and some sounds in between. Over the last two years of playing and testing out markets, we can definitely say the massive sound of Ancient Entities will be well received by all fans of metal old and new on record as well. The goal of Ancient Entities is to bring you back to ancient times, to portray and capture the feel of the lyrics and subjects of our songs through powerful music, ambiance, and riffs.“ 



Cenote Sagrado
Empire In Ashes
Creatures From The Sand
Blood Upon Stone
Ritual Autopsy
Pierced By Obsidian
Wall Of War
Damnatio Ad Flammas