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AMOTH – ‘Alice‘ straighter Rocker als Video

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Die finnischen Metaller, mit Ensiferiums Pekka Montin als Sänger, haben gerade ihre dritte Scheibe „The Hour of The Wolf“ veröffentlicht und gleichzeitig den Opener und straighten Rocker ‘Alice‘ als Video hochgeladen.

Gitarrist Tomi Ihanamäki über das vielseitige Album, dass von Hard Rock bis Prog und Thrash zu reichen scheint:

“This is by far our best album yet! Superior performances from all of the musicians. Much better production and songwriting. It’s not a fast-food album. Some of the songs are quite complex so it takes probably more than one listen to really get into!

The verse riff of this song was shown to me by Alice Cooper in my dream! I woke up and immediately wrote the riff down. That’s where the name of this song comes from, so thanks Alice! There are two main characters in this song: a stripper and her pimp. The lyrics are almost like a dialogue between those two. Very catchy and ”easy to get into” song with strong and memorable melodies. I knew this song needed an 80’s style chorus so that’s what it has.“