You are currently viewing AMOTH – 80’s HM im ‚It Ain’t Over Yet‘ Lyric Video

AMOTH – 80’s HM im ‚It Ain’t Over Yet‘ Lyric Video

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Die finnische Metalband AMOTH rund um Sänger Pekka Montin (Ensiferum) sorgt mit ihrem Melodic Prog Thrash Sound für Furore und hat das kommende Album „The Hour Of The Wolf“ für den 28. Januar 2022 angekündigt. Heute gibt es die zweite Single ‚It Ain’t Over Yet‘ im Lyric Video.

Die Band über den neuen Track:

„This is a full-scale thrash attack with no mercy! This is about school bullying or bullying in general. We are totally against bullying! Unfortunately, it’s a thing that’s going on all around the world. Remember if you’re a bully that it may be over for you but it ain’t over for the victim. Things might get ugly if the bullied person decides to retaliate…“

Und Gitarrist und Hauptsongwriter Tomi Ihanamäki ergänzt:

„This is by far our best album yet! Superior performances from all of the musicians. Much better production and songwriting. It’s not a fast-food album. Some of the songs are quite complex so it takes probably more than one listen to really get into!”