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AMBERIAN DAWN – Symphonic Power Metaller mit `SOS´ (ABBA Cover)

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Die finnischen Melodic/Symphonic Power Metal Master AMBERIAN DAWN scheinen eine äußerst produktive Band zu sein, kündigen sie mit ihrer neuen Scheibe doch den sechsten Silberling in neun Jahren an. Dieses Mal geht es um das ABBA-Coveralbum „Take A Chance – A Metal Tribute to ABBA“, welches am 02. Dezember erscheinen wird. Als ersten Eindruck gibt es die Single `SOS´ im Video.

Keyboarder Tuomas Seppälä kommentiert die Single:

“’SOS’ is a great song. It’s a happy and a sad song at the same time. The original version uses a unique piano sound. I didn’t want to use that kind of piano sound myself, because it wouldn’t have been as good as the original. Instead of that I used more powerful guitars and other synthesizers in our arrangement. Our version of the song really brings ABBA into the world of metal in 21st century.”

Und das Album:

“This was a ‘must do album’ for me. We had so much fun in 2019 working on our first cover song ever (which was ABBA’s ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’), that it was easy to make a decision to continue with a full ABBA cover album. The songs have been carefully selected, there’s a couple of big hit songs of course, but some of my personal favorites, like ‘The Day Before You Came’, are also included. The recording project was eventually a really big challenge for all of us and needed a lot of work, but we’re all 100 % satisfied with the results. This album really sounds like an AMBERIAN DAWN album.”