You are currently viewing ALINE HAPP (ft. Rod Wolf) – `Leave Out All the Rest` Video

ALINE HAPP (ft. Rod Wolf) – `Leave Out All the Rest` Video

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Lyrias ALINE HAPP meldet sich einer krankheitsbedingten Pause mit einer weiteren Symphonic, Celtic und Folk Renditiion bei ihren Fans zurück. Bei diesem Cover hat sie sich mal wieder Linkin Park vorgeknöpft und musikalische Unterstützung von Lyria Gitarrist Rod Wolf erhalten.

Sie schreibt dazu:

“Linkin Park  was one of the first heavier bands I’ve discovered and I immediately fell in love with Chester’s vocals and the band. I also covered other Linkin Park songs as Numb and Crawling.

Recording Leave Out All the Rest brought me a lot of memories and it was a mix of feelings, I felt sad because of Chester’s death and also I lost my grandma recently (I wrote the song Flower of Light in her memory) but also I felt grateful for a lot of beautiful moments I had. I will always miss her, she always supported me on my musical career. Rod and I were practicing for a concert, playing a medley we created for Crawling and Numb when we discovered Chester had passed away and it was really painful because we both were fans of the band.

Enjoy the good moments with your beloved ones, show them how much you love them and if your mental health is not ok, don’t be ashamed of asking for professional help.“