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ALCATRAZZ ft. GIRLSCHOOL – `Don`t Get Mad… Get Even` veröffentlicht

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ALCATRAZZ und GIRLSCHOOL sind seit geraumer Zeit geminsam auf Tour und haben bei dieser Gelegenheit den Song `Don`t Get Mad… Get Even` komponiert, der auf dem nächsten ALCATRAZZ  Longplayer “Take No Prisoner“ sein Zuhause finden wird.

GIRLSCHOOL Drummerin Denise Dufort erzählt:

“On a day off during the tour, in a hotel room in France, we were suddenly asked to jump in and sing the chorus on a new Alcatrazz song Jimmy Waldo had his mobile recording gear on the road, we all got round the microphone, we had fun doing this one, and it’s a really good song, a great hard rock song!”


ALCATRAZZs Jimmy Waldo erklärt zum Song:

’Don’t Get Mad…Get Even’ is a very Thin Lizzy, AC/DC-ish type of tune, to make it even better we have our friends Girlschool joining us on the chorus, we recorded this during our last European tour when both bands were together, it turned out fantastic!”