You are currently viewing AKIAVEL – Melodic Death im neuen ‚Lady Of Death‘ Video

AKIAVEL – Melodic Death im neuen ‚Lady Of Death‘ Video

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Die französischen Extreme Metaller/Melodic Deather AKIAVEL teilen ein neues Video zum Song ‚Lady Of Death‘ vom vor einigen Monaten erschienenen Zweitling „Vae Vicits“.

Frontfrau Auré über den Track:

“”Lady of Death” is a song about Aileen Wuornos. I absolutely wanted to put her on our album because I find her fascinating. I have studied her story a lot; I have a lot of compassion for her despite the fact that she has murdered people. That’s why the text isn’t very violent or bloody, it’s more based on how she feels. She had a lot of suffering in her. For the video clip we got closer to her psychological state. That’s why we chose the actress who clearly embodied her conscience and the struggle within her.”




I don’t know (x2)

I don’t know if I suffer

Or if I’m worn out

To be the one who cries

I don’t know if I’m cold

Or if it’s loneliness

who freezes my blood, my bones, my fingers

I don’t know if I heal

Or if I’m bleeding

When it becomes too disgusting

In the streets I look for the unknown

The night will be long, cold and soon black

When I’m naked, my client’s going to die

My victims are men who’ve not been able to love me

A part of me with too sadistic tendencies

I need revenge, hysterical pulses

I’m dragging you into my seduction game

When my body is exhausted

I end up killing you

I’m sorry about all this, but it excites me

He’ll look better when he’s paid

This dementia will follow me to death

Come dance with my body

I come when I put you on the other side

Have I been blind?

Have I been lost?

My body ripped and your body dead