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AINUR: Neues Musikvideo zu ‘Apocalypse‘

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Nicht auf ungeteilte Gegenliebe stieß bei uns “War Of The Jewels“, das neueste Werk des Progressive Metal Orchesters aus Italien, die episch-symphonisches Material im Geiste Tolkiens verbreitet. Mit dem Musikvideo zu ‘Apocalypse‘, könnt ihr euch selbst einen Eindruck verschaffen.

Die Band kommentiert den Abschlusstrack des Album so:

„This song concludes the album and we wanted to end an epic album like this with an epic song. Apocalypse is the Music representation of the sinking of Beleriand when ‘the valleys were upheaved and the hills trod down; and Sirion was no more’. The rhythm of the beginning of the song leaves space to a moment of darkness and immobility broken by the string section movement and it grows up until the ending explosion. It is also a song of hope: the war against the Dark Lord has finally ended and the Middle-Earth can now focus on a new beginning “hoping from now on the sun will shine”.