You are currently viewing AGAINST EVIL – Video zur neuen Single `Lights Out`

AGAINST EVIL – Video zur neuen Single `Lights Out`

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Die indische Heavy Metal Formation AGAINST EVIL zeigt ihr Video zu `Lights Out`, der neuen Singleauskopplung vom “Give ‚Em Hell“ Album. Zuvor hatten AGAINST EVIL bereits den  `Give`Em Hell` Titelrack online gestellt.  Das komplette Album erscheint dann am 12. Juli.

In diesem Spätsommer könnt ihr AGAINST EVIL auch bei ein paar Shows bei uns sehen. Die Live-Termine findet ihr unten.





There’s a storm that’s raging and it calls for blood

At the sound of the bell, go on and give ‚em hell


Step into the pit, land the first hit

Strike hard, show no fear

Drag ‚em through the mud, draw the first blood

Keep it coming. Don’t stop

Swing and a miss, move and dodge the hits

Guard up, hold your ground

Time to bring the pain, fighting tooth and nail

Eye for an eye till the end


Lights out

When I knock you down

Lights out

Before you hit the ground

This fight is written in blood

Lights out

Ain’t no getting up

Lights out

There’s no second chance

Lights out

When I break your stance

This fight will be your last

Lights out

You’re going down!


A few shots of whiskey gonna ease my pain

Gettin‘ ready for the next round here we go again


Land a crushing blow, ain’t taking it slow

Adrenaline kickin‘ in

Skull cracks with a punch, feel and hear the crunch

Give it everything you’ve got

A mean right hook before he can look

Dominate, take control

Back him to a corner, maximum power

Be the last one standing


AGAINST EVIL – Live 2024

31.08.24 – Kramsach, AT – Overdrive Metal Night 3 – Volksspielhaus

04.09.24 – Weiden, DE – Salute Rockmusikclub

05.09.24 – Lenzburg, CH – Met-Bar

12.09.24 – Düsseldorf, DE – Pitcher

13.09.24 – Oberhausen, DE – Thrash Speed Burn 9 – Kulttempel