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AEON GODS – Götterboten schicken Epic Metal Track `Ereshkigal`

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Die selbsternannten Götterboten AEON GODS stellen ihre zwischen melodischem Epic und Symphonic Metal angesiedelte stand-alone Single, in der sie die babylonische Göttin `Ereshkigal` besingen. Für den Sommer 2024 plant die verkleidete Fünfertruppe die Veröffentlichung ihres Albums „King Of Gods“.




Lady, Queen of darkness

Ereshkigal the ruler of the dead

Bound to her dark kingdom

The gods sent out an envoy to her realm


When Erra heard her call

He entered her great hall

And fell in love at first sight



When immortal hearts of two gods collide

The desire will not be satisfied

And the days passed in numinous delight

On the seventh day

Erra said goodbye

He had to obey

The gods from on high

And the lady was left alone as ruler of the dead


Erra full of sorrow

He climbed up the stairway to the gods

Right in front of Anu

He begged to let him urgently return


Ereshkigal despaired

And urgently prepared

A message for the high gods




“Let him return

My grief will turn to anger

My heart will burn

I’ll send the dead upon the earth”


On the seventh day

There was no goodbye

He was allowed to stay

By the gods on high

And the lovers they had become the rulers of the dead