You are currently viewing AD INFINITUM – Video zu `Legends` feiert seine Premiere

AD INFINITUM – Video zu `Legends` feiert seine Premiere

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Die international aufgestellte Symphonic Truppe mit Frontfrau Melissa Bonny veröffentlicht heute ihr neues Video zum Track `Legends` ft. Eluveities Chrigel Glanzmann, von ihrem im März erschienenen LongplayerChapter III – Downfall“. Die Aufnahmen zum Video stammen von ihrer „Euphonic Downfall“ Co-Headliner Tour mit Blackbriar, die letzten Monat endete.




In the hallways of eternity, their names echo, defying the laws of time

Thousands of years of evolution later, we light a candle to salute them

But the wind of our sins expels its flame, leaving us again and again in the ignorant



I watch the seasons die

Still this melody repeats again

We prey for a second chance, in vain

To change, to heal the world we set in flames


Our legacy, ruins and tears, a wasteland

Evolution is a lie we all fell for

Now all I want to know is the reason why


Why can’t we learn and rise

Above the inferno

I hear the angels cry

Before they fall

Why can’t we realize

And break the cycle

Open up the gates of Heaven

Once more


They went through storms and told their tales

So we could learn to sail another way


Blindfolded fools, this is the age of madness

Evolution is a plague we all ignored

Can anyone explain the reason why

If only we could learn and rise