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AD INFINITUM – `Upside Down´ Track -und Videopremiere

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Die multinationalen Symphonic Metaller um Frontfrau Melissa Bonny präsentieren den eingängigen neuen Song `Upside Down´. Gleichzeitig wurde mit dem Track das neue Studioalbum „Chapter III – Downfall“ für den 31. März 2023 angekündigt.

Die AD INFINITUM Videopremiere startet um 14:00 Uhr CET.



Are you feeling alone

As the pages burn, all is set in stone

Hope is fading away

Now the tables turn, so you turn and pray


A sad illusion, the taste of a lie

In your delusion, nowhere to hide

But tell me why you swim against the tides


Upside down

You fool yourself and you hide in disguise

I see you now

Drop that crown

You burned the bridges

Get ready to dive!


Are you still feeling alive

Now your world’s been turned upside down

How does is feel to be mad

At the simple fact you’re born to die?


In your reality gold is divine

Your head is high and close to the sky

So tell me why your crown is falling down


Watch out

Poisoned by greed and denial

Your mind is sinking in

The void of your demise