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AD INFINITUM – `From The Ashes´ Track und Video uraufgeführt

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Die multinationalen Symphonic Metaller AD INFINITUM bereiten Euch weiterhin auf die Veröffentlichung ihrer neuen Scheibe “Chapter III – Downfall“ am 31. März vor. Die nächste Auskopplung mit einem gewissen Prog Touch trägt den Titel `From The Ashes´. Viel Spaß!

Die Band über Song und Video:

„As the release of our third album “Chapter III – Downfall” approaches, we are proud to reveal a more progressive creation, together with a video that symbolizes the rebirth of the phoenix, rising again from the ashes. This video definitely warms up the room by a few degrees. Don’t try this at home, kids!“



Diving deep, out of breath, the surface out of sight
Darkest places hide some unknown sources of life
All the melodies, memories and all these lullabies
Cutting deep as the sensations start to revive

Day after day I’m alive
Out of the maze, I design
The shape of a new paradise

No, you won’t have my cries
From ashes into the sky, I will arise
Crimson dreams meant to die
Reveries of the mind
Guiding my way
Into devious light

How can we reconcile when the bridges have burned
One step from the edge, how can one dream to return
I was born in flames and I learnt how to walk in the fire
Turned my pain into the source of a brighter light

Step after step I come back
Still I can hear the lullaby
My ghosts lead the way I define