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ACT OF DENIAL sind ein Death Metal Projekt das sich aus Mitgliedern von SOILWORK, TESTAMENT, KOZIAK, SEPTICFLESH, THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA und DEATH zusammensetzt. Heute Nacht hat die Band ihre zweite Single ‘Controlled‘ veröffentlicht.

Luger von KOZIAK dazu:

„The finished songs are already in the process of mixing in Fredman Studio. Me and Voi decided not to focus on one genre so there will be tunes for every metal fan. We’re doing this mostly for ourselves and the songs we write are the songs we love to listen at home, hoping they will reach also to other people, as to ourselves.“

Lead Gitarrist und Songwriter Voi Cox fügt hinzu:

„We were always influenced by Swedish style and sound when we were kids, that’s why it is a big honor to us to have Bjorn from Soilwork on this album, also Fredrik Nordström from Fredman Studio who basically invented that sound. We grew up listening to Soilwork, At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames and ofc Death, and that’s why we’re so excited that Steve (Di Giorgio) is in this project, too. So we are very much influenced by those bands but that doesn’t mean that our songs will sound like that and you will hear all that in our debut album.“

DEATH Gitarrist Bobby Koelble ist in diesem Song ebenfalls mit einem Solo zu hören. Ein komplettes Album ist auch schon in Planung. Es soll den Titel “Negative“ tragen.




Voi Cox (Koziak, Victim), Luger (Benighted, Koziak), Sänger Björn „Speed“ Strid (Soilwork), Bassist Steve Di Giorgio (Death, Testament), Drummer Krimh (Septicflesh) und Keyboarder John Lönnmyr (The Night Flight Orchestra)