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ABORTED – ‘Dementophobia’ Video zur Albumveröffentlichung

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“ManiaCult”, das elfte Studioalbum der alteingesessenen belgischen Death Metal Institution ist gestern rausgekommen und ein neues Video gibt es zur Feier des Tages obendrauf: ‘Dementophobia’ kommt wieder als Zeichentrickfilm.

Die Band lässt zur Veröffentlichung verlauten:

“Alright Maniacs! Today is the day we can finally unleash ‘ManiaCult’ upon you all in its full insanity. Lots of blood, sweat and, well, feces went into this record. We couldn’t be more proud of this piece of shit—a compliment in the Aborted world. Seriously, there are two number two songs here to make up for the lack of ass blast beaters on ‘TerrorVision.’ We hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as we did crafting it. Writing remotely is nothing new for this international band, but to unleash Wayland Thurston’s insanity upon the world live, we have to kick COVID in the mouth. See you there!