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JINJER – ‘Teacher, Teacher’ Live Clip vom kommenden Live-Album

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JINJER, die ukrainischen “modern Metaller” um die stimmgewaltige Frontlady Tatiana Shmailyuk haben eines ihrer letzten Konzerte vor der Pandemie mitgeschnitten und planen die Show unter dem Titel “Alive In Melbourne” im November als CD in verschiedenen Varianten erscheinen.

 „Some shows just deserve to be carved in stone and memorialized forever. This was the case regarding our first ever Australian tour in March 2020, where we hit a few milestones all at once: we finally played on every continent there is to play on, our first time in down under was a complete sellout and more importantly we experienced the love, passion and craziness we’ve always heard so much about the Australian crowd. Hell, there were even fans from New Zealand that showed up to the party. Now, after nearly half year of lockdown I can barely watch this footage without shedding a few tears. If any of you knew how much time, patience, nerves and effort we put into making this live album possible- you would probably be surprised we managed to pull it off at all. Adversity kept coming and coming, and coming at us again and again but here we are : Alive In Melbourne 2020 is real and it’s coming out in all it’s visual and sonic glory! Let’s watch it, listen to it and let’s remember how a real metal gig should look and sound: the sweat, the volume, the performance and the crowd… we need this feeling back! I am proud that we managed to capture this place in time and share it with you as our first official live album!“

Den Opener des Gigs, könnt ihr hier als Video sehen.



“Alive In Melbourne” Tracklist:

„Teacher, Teacher!“
„Sit Stay Roll Over“
„Judgement & Punishment“
„I Speak Astronomy“
„Who Is Gonna Be The One“
„On The Top“
„Pit Of Consciousness“
„Home Back“
„Words Of Wisdom“
„Captain Clock“